Robin Hood


The daring and handsome nobleman Robin Hood is forced to live as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest, after the evil Sheriff of Nottingham kills his family and takes his land and money. With the help of his Merry Men, Robin becomes a hero, stealing from the rich to give to the poor.
Will the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham manage to capture Robin and his friends? Will Robin regain his land and be able to offer Marian, his love, a real home? Read about this legendary hero of the English Middle Ages and discover all the exciting and romantic adventures he has with his band of Merry Men!

Destination Karminia

TEEN READER STAGE 3 – Destination Karminia

Young professor Peng is looking for archaeology enthusiasts to help her in the search for the lost city of Karminia. Are you ready to follow her and her friends in this fascinating adventure?
On the summit of Ben Nevis, in the Scottish highlands, an ancient city is hidden away. It can only be revealed in the sunlight. Three youngsters who are passionate about archaeology are going to discover the mysterious Karminia.

David Copperfield

TEEN READER STAGE 3 – David Copperfield

David Copperfield looks back on the first twenty-five years
of his life. He is only eight years old when his mother, a young
pretty widow, remarries. Unfortunately Mr Murdstone is not a
good husband or father. David is sent away to school and only
returns home when tragedy strikes. Unloved and unwanted,
he is sent to work in a factory. But David is a resourceful boy
and determines to find a better life for himself.



School’s over at last! Summer holidays are here but who wants to spend them in the countryside? Not Val, of course! She hates the country, but eventually she’ll change her mind. Guess why! Read
her diary and find out.
She tells her diary all about herself, her moods, her emotions and
her dreams. This country holiday is really boring and she can’t
stand it, but don’t despair … something very exciting will happen soon, thanks to Luke and the others!

Treasure Island

TEEN READER STAGE 2 – Treasure Island

After Jim Hawkins finds a map in an old sea chest, he starts an exciting adventure which will take him to a far off island in search of treasure. He sets sail with his friends, but they do not realise that many of the crew are pirates and their leader is the cook, Long John Silver.
The pirates are determined to find the treasure first at all costs!
Enjoy reading about the adventures of Jim and his friends at sea and discover who finds the buried treasure.

In this reader you will find:
– Focus on… , Difficult words, Comprehension activities, Test yourself, CLIL activity,

The Secret Garden

TEEN READER STAGE 2 – The Secret Garden

One day, in India, nine-year old Mary wakes up and finds that she is completely alone. Back home in England, she is sent to live with an uncle she has never met. His house is a strange, lonely place where she will gradually discover secret after secret in a new and magical world.

In this reader you will find:
information about Frances Hodgson Burnett, a section providing background and contextual information, a glossary of difficult, words, comprehension activities, an exit text

Adventure at Haydon Point

TEEN READER STAGE 2 – Adventure at Haydon Point

One summer, city boy Sam stays with his uncle in the country. It’s all so different from London! There’s a river and boats, and a new friend, but there’s a strange light at night and two men in black. Why are they watching Sam’s uncle? And who are ‘the Americans’?

In this reader you will find:
Background information about this story, Information on staying safe at sea, Glossary of difficult words, Comprehension and, grammar activities, Final test

Mary Flagan The Egyptian Souvenir

TEEN READER STAGE 2 – Mary Flagan The Egyptian Souvenir

Marquat, born in Cardiff, but with Nigerian parents is a typical teenager. He’s an intelligent, inquisitive boy but also sometimes insecure and shy. He hopes to do well in life and works hard to achieve his dreams. One day, unfortunately, he comes across racial prejudices because of the colour of his skin. However, just as he begins to think he’s alone, he discovers the value of friendship which will help him overcome any problem.

In this reader you will find:
– Focus on… – KET-style activities, – Glossary of difficult wordsm Test yourself, Comprehension activities, An audio recording of the story