Lollipop 3

Lollipop is an innovative and engaging three-level English series for preschoolers. This complete program is based on sound pedagogical methodologies: the Natural Approach, Total Physical Response (TPR), and the Engage-Study-Activate (ESA) model. Lollipop is carefully designed to help teachers ensure an effective and steady acquisition of vocabulary and language structures in their classrooms.


  • A complete program with Lollisteps (structured daily routines that reinforce learning)
  • Lesson structures based on the engage-Study-Activate (ESA) model
  • Age-appropriate skills development such as logical thinking skills and creative thinking skills
  • Attractive illustrations and color cutouts that engage the students and offer opportunities for developing penmanship and fine motor skills


  • Student Book
  • Teacher’s Guide with Audio CD
  • Flashcards and other resources

About the Author

Patricia Avila is a teacher of students and a trainer of teachers. She has also been a coordinator and head of the English department for various schools. After forty years of teaching experience, Patricia Avila has now used her knowledge and passion to create Lollipop – a series that will make teaching and learning English a comfortable, confident, and sweet experience.

Titles in This Series:

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