Total Math Grade 1 – 6

This American version coursebook written for the Middle East and the GCC known for its vivid illustrations, challenging lessons, contents, and  eal-life applications. It is the perfect course series to teach children advance math fundamentals.

  • Written for the Middle East and GCC
  • Designed specifically for non-native speaking children
  • A step-by-step guide to help children develop essential math skills and concepts
  • Perfect for drill and review
  • Features a complete answer key and easy-to-follow directions, as well as stickers, math puzzles,
    and a poster for added learning and fun
  • Grade 1 introduces math applications such as adding and subtracting, counting to 100, time, and
    place value
  • Grade 2 introduces math applications such as fractions, place value, money, and comparing numbers
  • Grade 5 achieves children’s mastery of the mathematical skills necessary to succeed in school covering: addition and subtraction; multiplication and division; fractions, decimals, and percents; measurements; graphing; and regrouping
  • Its pages feature challenging lesson content with real-life applications, easy-to-understand directions
  • includes teacher’s book to guide teachers through each section, activity organization, and tips
Total Math Series
Total Math Grade 1 – 9781613192191
Total Math Grade 2 – 9781613192207
Total Math Grade 3 – 9781613192214
Total Math Grade 4 – 9781613192221
Total Math Grade 5 – 9781613192238
Total Math Grade 6 – 9781613192245

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